Challenge the Mountain

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Entries into Challenge the Mountain (CTM) are well into the three hundreds but there are still spaces left for late entries. Online entries close tomorrow on Wednesday the 24th August, and nominations can be taken on the day with a late fee. There is a limit of 500 entries across all divisions.

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Funds from CTM are injected back into facilities on Mount Archer National Park for community use. Last year’s event raised money for a water tank and seat at the Saddle for walkers, runners and cyclists. It’s a special tank, approved by Rockhampton Regional Council, which is being painted in local cultural themes by the students of North Rockhampton High School under the tutelage of Jeska Wade.

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It’s been a busy week for the CTM organisers with planning for Robbie’s Ride to Mount Morgan on the Sunday 28 August well underway. Coffee shops in town are excited by the influx of cyclists into town in the morning. This ride will have an average speed of 28km/h and is suitable for experienced cyclists. Those not wanting to go into Mount Morgan can stop at the Bouldercombe Hotel or service station for a break and snacks.

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There is still time to nominate for Challenge the Mountain at the CTM website and there are also places left for the skills sessions with Robbie and Chris – so get in quick before they all go!