Chalk it up to fun

dieline_v2Who wouldn’t want one of these for Christmas? Chalktrail is sure to inspire any kid onto their bike and turn family shopping trips or school drop-offs into bright and colourful rainbow journeys!

Chalktrail combines the simple, timeless joy of riding a bike or scooter with the creative expression of decorating neighbourhood streets with kilometres of bright and colourful chalk.  This unique combination of outdoor activity and artistic creativity is beautiful in its simplicity and the play pattern is expressive and fresh.

A simple wishbone clamp connects the Chalktrail device to the centre hubs of the back wheel and fits any bike wheel size, from a kid’s 12″ to adult 29″. So yes, even you big kids can have one.

chalktrail 11

No bright lights, flashing screens, blaring noises, cords, batteries or internet connections.  Just kids, wheels, chalk, fresh air and fun.

Chalktrail doesn’t require any tools to install and can be put on a bike or scooter quickly and easily, even by a child. After clamping the device to the selected bike, just insert the supplied chalk into another simple squeeze clamp at the other end of Chalktrail. There’s no need for parent help and no tools required. One piece of non-toxic washable chalk is supplied with each set and lasts about 2.5km.

Chalktrail is available from CycleStyle