Centrefold: The Hummingbird

Designed and manufactured in Britain, the Hummingbird is the world’s lightest folding bike. With an ultra-light weight of 6.9 kg, half the weight of other bikes, it combines cutting edge-technology and traditional hand-crafting techniques.

Manufacturing its bikes alongside race cars, Hummingbird uses the latest carbon fibre technologies. Their carbon fibres are synthetic polymers that are heated to high temperatures until they carbonise. The result is a black, extremely light and firm fibre with a tensile strength four times higher than the best steel alloys – at just a quarter of the weight. Carbon fibre doesn’t just save weight, it can also be beautiful – proven by the Hummingbird’s immaculately laid Carbon Edition frame.

The lower rolling resistance of high pressure slick tyres and the lower drag of high quality sealed bearings allow Hummingbirds to go faster with less effort. Small wheels allow for a lower moment of inertia, meaning faster acceleration and more responsive steering. Stronger than large bicycle wheels, Hummingbird’s smaller wheels also reduce the overall length of the bike, making it compact and easier to transport.

Head to the website for more information: hummingbirdbike.com