Centrefold: The Factor ONE Chpt./// Special Edition

If you’re a reader of Treadlie you’re probably aware each issue contains a centrefold – a gorgeous bike we’ve tracked down (usually one of a kind, custom built or limited edition) that we think deserves to be shown off. But every time we get down to choosing it’s pretty damn tough to choose because there are just so many options, which is why we’ll now be doing centrefolds online too; so without further ado, meet the The Factor ONE Chpt./// Special Edition.

The Factor ONE Chpt./// Special Edition bike is a collaboration between former professional cyclist, David Millar and Factor Bikes. David and Factor Bikes owner, Baden Cooke, raced in the professional peloton together and have 32 accumulative years of professional racing experience at the top level between them. David was brought on by Baden as a Factor tester, providing Factor Bikes with invaluable feedback when designing and manufacturing the new iteration of UCI legal Factor bikes. The Factor ONE Chpt./// Special Edition represents the heritage of the duos racing experience as well as the type of bike they always wished they could have been riding when they were racing.

The bike effortlessly combines the technology created by bf1systems for Factor Bikes with the race heritage, style and personality of David Millar. The understated yet still different look bucks the trend of black on black opting instead for a deep grey and flashes of Rosso Fuoco, as inspired by a Singer Porsche and is used as reveals in the Chpt./// clothing. The special edition features Factor Bikes unique Twin Vane split downtube. This boasts aerodynamic efficiency like no other bike available today. When combined with the OTIS (ONE Total Integration System) fork, bar and stem it means that the Factor One is one of the fastest bikes available today. Certainly one of the coolest!

David Millar has worked with Brooks to develop the Brooks C13 saddle that will feature on the bike and will be the first time Brooks have entered the high-performance arena in decades. The custom coloured saddle will only be available on the Factor ONE Chpt./// Special Edition. The tyres have natural coloured walls, for no other reason than David believes they look better and with Vittoria now making their graphene tyres with the option of natural walls they also offer the highest performance.

The wheels themselves are Black Inc Fifty clinchers, David has found the wheels are the best all round, they can be used on flatlands or in the mountains, even cobbles or gravel roads. The groupset is SRAM Red eTap; it seemed only natural to David to match the advanced technology of the Factor frame design with the latest and best in components.

Finally, the bike will come with two rolls of bar tape instead of the usual one, a nod to David Millar’s personal preference of having a bigger grip on the handlebars and one that many of his teammates have replicated over the years. The Factor ONE Chpt./// Special Edition will be limited to 51, as this is the dossard professional cyclists believe to be the luckiest in the Tour de France than any other number except number 1.