Centrefold: Link D8

Life is so fast-paced these days. And those of us who are constantly on the move need transport that is just as efficient as they are. Enter the Link D8 folding bike by Tern.

This zippy little number is equipped for trips on two wheels and in combination with buses, trains, or automobiles. It has an 8-speed drive train, Schwalbe Big Apple tires with Kevlar puncture protection and a Loader Rack™ to carry your gear, among other features.

Here’s the clincher: the Link D8 folds in under 10 seconds (yes, 10 seconds) to fit snugly under your desk. Tern’s N-Fold™ technology enables bikes to fold down in merely three steps. Plus, they can then be rolled for easy transport. How convenient is that? The answer is very.