Video: 2nd Hand Bikes

Meet Viktor, an Amsterdam-based bicycle mechanic with a particular passion for secondhand bikes.

Video: Tempo – Bike

For your Monday viewing pleasure: this advertisement for tissues is also a rather heartwarming cycling-related vignette.

Video: Bike Storm

How’s this for scenery? All trails in Sestri Levante, Italy are characterised by rock and breathtaking panoramas of the sea. The trail in this video, called U-Turiun, begins in Colle del Lago and finishes in Trigoso. The first part is a latch,

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Video: Tokyo Craft

Japanese craftsman Shinichi Konno considers the bicycle to be “the greatest human invention”, to which we say hear, hear! This captivating clip delves inside Konno’s mind and his workshop.

Video: Woodgrain Bike Frames

 This clip tells the story of Kiwi Rob Pollock, who applies his former experience kitting out custom car interiors to woodgraining bicycles – giving them an entirely unique look.