Video: Tokyo Craft

Japanese craftsman Shinichi Konno considers the bicycle to be “the greatest human invention”, to which we say hear, hear! This captivating clip delves inside Konno’s mind and his workshop.

Video: Woodgrain Bike Frames

 This clip tells the story of Kiwi Rob Pollock, who applies his former experience kitting out custom car interiors to woodgraining bicycles – giving them an entirely unique look.

Video: The Inverted Bike Shop

This short film about Brooklyn’s 718 Cyclery makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. 718 Cyclery takes pride in collaboratively designing and building bikes for its customers to meet their specific cycling requirements. Says bike builder, Joe: “You’re almost like a therapist in

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Video: Experiments in Speed

This is the story of a bunch of mates in the UK banding together to build a bike and test just how fast it could go. DONHOU BICYCLES | EXPERIMENTS IN SPEED from Spindle on Vimeo.

Video: Street Machine

We think that this video speaks (or, rather, sings) for itself. This is an ad for Murray, an American bicycle company from 1986. We hope that the futuristic outfit was included with the purchase of a Street Machine.

Video: The Bicycle Cap

The Bicycle Cap by peSeta for the New Museum from casa peSeta on Vimeo. This quirky video tells an unlikely love story between a sewing machine and a bike, and of the humans who went to great lengths to ensure the couple’s

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