Video: Malvern Star BMX

Set to a pumping 80s backing track, the mantra “I wanna be a star… a BMX star!” is almost hypnotic. From the depths of the internet we present you this commercial for a Malvern Star BMX pushbike – which the video’s uploader

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Video: bikes by Evel Knievel

 As tends to happen these days, we got stuck in an Internet wormhole. This one was filled with retro cycling commercials – and we didn’t regret finding it. Check out this clip of Evel Knievel advertising his own range of bikes complete

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Video: The Cyclist Philosopher

The Cyclist Philosopher from fifty beans on Vimeo. “My worst day on a bike is better than your best day in the office,” says Scotsman Andy Duncan. Having ridden at the frontier of bike messengering in the Netherlands for over two decades, hear

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Video: mountain biking in Afghanistan

Shannon Galpin was the first woman to mountain bike in Afghanistan in 2009. Through her work, Galpin is committed to helping women and promoting cycling – and Liv came on board to support her and the women’s Afghan cycling team in 2012. This

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Cycling Orsk, Russia

It should come as no surprise that we’re big advocates for traversing the world via bike. In this video, a band of mates ride through Orsk, Russia and camp out in the countryside. CYCLING ORSK from CYKLING on Vimeo.