Camelbak updates the Mule LR 15


Continuous improvement leads to continuous adventure. The updated Mule LR 15 is designed with innovative CamelBak Low Rider technology, which features a lumbar reservoir. This provides a lower centre of gravity and increased stability by putting water weight low and on the hips for more comfort and mobility.

Every Low Rider pack is specially designed with compression webbing that runs from the waist belt through the reservoir compartment and around the reservoir itself, allowing for direct compression of the reservoir for maximum stability. It also gives the rider the ability to maintain proper compression as the volume decreases during the ride.

CamelBak also updated the Hawg LR 20 and Luxe LR 14 as part of this growing movement to lumbar hydration systems, both of which hold their own clout in the mountain bike community. The Hawg, Mule and Luxe all come with a ventilated Air Foil back panel, rain cover, helmet carry and magnetic tube trap. Each include the new 100 oz., 3L CamelBak Crux Lumbar Reservoir that provides 20 per cent more water per sip for faster hydration.

“We ask our mountain bike athletes to ride, evaluate and torture test all of our designs and prototypes and that is exactly what they do,” said Jon Austen, Senior Director of Product at CamelBak. “When we explored a dramatic update to our number one pack, the Mule, we were hesitant to change something with so much success behind it. When Ben asked for exactly what we were considering, we knew it was the right decision.”

The complete Mountain Bike Low Rider collection includes the Palos LR 4, Skyline LR 10, Solstice LR 10, Luxe LR 14, Mule LR 15 and Hawg LR 20. Like all CamelBak products, the entire Mountain Bike Low Rider collection is covered by the CamelBak Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee.

Image: David Banas