The BUTtGuaRD KS is a new and unique clip on/clip off seat mounted mudguard for cyclists that always sits upright and straight on your bike. The engineering and product styling of the BUTGRD KS is a leap forward for all cyclists wanting to stay cleaner and drier on trail or road.

The features of the BUTGRD KS are:

  • It attaches to your bike with a strong, simple clip mechanism to securely hold it in place. No more folding, bending, creasing, fiddling, resetting, sagging tails or wet bums
  • The mounting position will always see it stay upright for maximum protection
  • The design engineering of the clip makes it hard to knock off and when knocked, it self-aligns back to a straight position
  • The BUTGRD KS weighs the same or even less than existing savers in market
  • The industrial design styling and colour features allow it to fit with any bike’s overall appearance

Stuart Wallace: RLYSS Founder and designer said: “The BUTtGuard KS is a leap forward for seat mounted mudguards. It’s simple, easy to install and looks really good on any bike!”

The BUTGRD KS is available on Kickstarter now.