Bringing the shopping home

Eurocycles take pride in introducing quality European cycling products that complement each other and provide options to use your bike more often and ultimately replace car trips with bike trips.

With that goal in mind Eurocycles have announced that they are now bringing the Andersen Shopper range of German-made shopping trolleys and trailers to Australia. Andersen Shopper have been manufacturing in Germany for 55 years, producing high quality products that provide sensible, sustainable solutions to reduce your ecological footprint.


The use of trolleys for carting your shopping or goods reduces the need for plastic bags and at the same time allows you to transport your shopping by bike. This provides a clever solution and effectively gives you additional space akin to the boot of a car. The rider gets the additional space but the clever hitch systems ensure you still get the full use of your carrier rack for additional shopping baskets or child seat.


Of course, the Shopper can also be used without the bike. The simple and easy handling of the coupling system, lockable if needed, allows the quick coupling and decoupling of the Shopper when not in use, the bag and wheels can be easily detached, and the Shopper® folds into a small package. The trolley cleverly attaches to front of your supermarket trolley to make life easier. The bag can be detached from the aluminium framed trolley, which you can use to cart boxes or crates.

You can find out more about the Andersen Shopper at