Brikbikes introduces new model: Brik Belt

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The Brik Belt is a beautifully slim bike built for maximum biking pleasure. The Brik Belt has an ultra strong belt and like every Brik is maintenance-free, clean and extremely robust. The Brik Belt is available in a men’s and women’s model.

To make each truly unique, customers can choose from a variety of colours, gears, brakes and accessories. Every Brik Belt is built to order, thus the customer will get their own personalised bicycle.

Brikbikes are unique Dutch bicycles. Brikbikes are designed without using a chain drive and are very reliable. The Brik models Sec and Brut have a shaft drive and the Brik Belt has a belt drive.

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Brikbikes are designed to give customers a good, attractive, quality bike that can be built to the specifications of the customer. The design has been attuned to the needs of contemporary bikers who wish to standout with a top quality bicycle that is both sleek and reliable.

Brikbikes are constructed at the factory of Nijland Cycling, located in the Dutch town Heeten. The aluminium or steel frame – the basis of every Brikbike – is
powder coated in the selected colour by hand.

The assembling is done by skilled mechanics who know the Brikbikes inside out and can guarantee that every Brik is made as it should be.