Fat bikes are aptly named, essentially referring to a bike with over-sized tyres. The original idea was to allow riding on soft, unstable terrain with tyres that could cope with just about any surface – snow, sand and such.

Now popular on almost every surface, fat bikes are usually designed with lightweight alloy frames, powerful disc brakes for sure control in all environments and wide forks to accommodate the fat wheels.


Of course, their main selling point are the ginormous tyres, which allow the adventurous type to venture off-road, off the beaten track and into the unknown. The Fat Bike’s design makes it perfect for on and off road travel ensuring there are no obstacles during your summer time activities. Fancy a ride on the beach? No worries. Want a bike that feels more like a dune buggy? You’re looking in the right place. Up for a weekend adventure? Look no further!


Reid Cycles have a wide range of both kids and adult fat bikes, among them the Monster 20″ for kids (top), the Boss 26″ (centre) and Zeus 26″ (bottom) pictured above. You can check out the full range and all the details at