Bosch Expand Thier Product Portfolio in Australia

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Bosch e-bike Systems is excited to announce three new additions to their innovative product portfolio for Model Year 2017 – reaffirming Bosch as the market leader in e-bike innovation.

The Bosch Purion display: 2-in-1 solution, a display and remote control in one:

Introducing the Bosch Purion – an on-board computer that combines design and functionality, providing pedelec riders with a compact solution for both city and mountain bike use. Unlike the Bosch Intuvia on-board e-bike computer, which includes a remote control near the handlebar grip, the Purion is a 2-in-1 solution.

The display and remote control are combined in one device on the left of the handlebar, and is easily operated by thumb pressure. With a simple press of the thumb the assistance level can be set from off to eco all the way up to Turbo.

The display informs the e-biker about speed, total kilometres, range and distance travelled, and it is easily read The Purion can also show when the next service check is due to ensure you can always stay on top of the servicing.

The Bosch DualBattery: Ride for longer, charge rarely:

For e-bikers who after more range, Bosch e-bike Systems has introduced a DualBattery – a combination of two connected Bosch PowerPacks, for twice the capacity and greater range.

Designed for intensive use, the DualBattery can deliver up to 1,000 watt-hours – ideal for the long-distance commuter, or for cargo bikes that carry heavy loads around the inner city.

Among the lightest batteries available on the market, the Bosch PowerPacks boast the highest energy density in the market. Developed for e-bikers who travel, further, higher, with a heavier payload.

The Bosch Compact Charger: Pocket-sized, reliable e-bike charger:

The Compact Charger from Bosch e-bike Systems is a powerful and convenient space-saving accessory. Both lighter and more compact than its predecessor, the new Compact Charger is compatible with all Bosch eBike product lines, and is a welcome addition Bosch’s product portfolio.

Weighing only 600 grams the new Bosch Compact Charger is the perfect travel companion for those eBikers that might like a constant Turbo-boost or have tackled more climbs than planned on a journey. Better yet, the new charger from Bosch is 40% smaller, so it fits perfectly into your pannier bag day pack.

This exciting new product portfolio from Bosch e-bike Systems will be available from Australian dealers in the 2017 season.

To learn more about Bosch e-bike Systems, check out the Bosch website.