Bike Spaces: From Preston to Los Angeles

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Every cyclist loves a good place to park their bike so we’ve decided it’s about time we started sharing some of our favourite places to do so. Here are two of the best of the best: the Pedal Cyclery in Preston, Melbourne and the Wheelhouse in the Arts District of Los Angeles – if you ever find yourself in either you probably won’t want to leave.


The brainchild of Chris Rogers, the Pedal Cyclery in Preston is not your average bike shop. The space is hand-built; bicycles hang from the ceiling and the light-filled garden out the back houses a great coffee shop. Does it already sound appealing? It should.

The workshop itself specialises in fixing up vintage steel bikes of the 1970s through to the 1990s, though they’ll handle modern road, mountain and city hybrid bicycles too. Custom builds are also on the cards with new and used parts combined to make something truly special.

Chris is a big believer in ensuring riders are fitted to a bike properly and are well educated on technique, so the open workshop layout is perfect – there’s a real community vibe, with the kind of emphasis on customer service that’ll have you coming in just to say hello.


Dreamed up by Chase and Tami Spenst, the Wheelhouse is a community centred café located in the Arts District of Los Angeles. Keen to break down some of the mystique around bicycles and coffee, Chase and Tami just want to offer an experience for both that is fun and approachable. Featuring a full coffee bar, indoor and outdoor seating and a bike store, it’s the perfect place to meet fellow cyclists and coffee drinkers.

Images: Skandia Shafer and Steven Clouse