The Bern FL1


The FL-1 is built with crucial road elements in mind, a lightweight aerodynamic design with max ventilation. The result is a helmet emblematic of the iconic Bern family of products in style, profile and function.

“Like every new helmet we develop at Bern, our goal with the FL-1 was to present a new paradigm, this time for road cycling,” said founder and CEO, Dennis Leedom. “Reflective of our signature design, innovative technology and distinctive styling, the FL-1 is different from any traditional fully vented bike lid on the market. We are excited for our customers to experience the fit, style and function for themselves as we add this versatility to our already dynamic and growing bike brand.”

A multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) equips the FL-1 with an intelligent, multi-layered liner system that allows for the foam liner to slightly rotate independent from the rider’s head and ultimately minimise the amount of rotational force that may be transferred to the brain. The FL-1 will be available with optional MIPS technology, raising the bar in the safety category and strengthening Bern’s commitment to safety standards.

In addition, Bern worked with fit-category leader, Boa, to develop the Bern Yoke: a proprietary, lightweight and breathable 360-degree adjustable fit system responsible for near-perfect fit, amplifying the FL-1’s safety measure and incredible comfort.

Additional features include a reinforced in-mold EPS construction allowing for the helmet’s distinct angles, lighter weight – Bern’s lightest to date – and 18 total vents without compromising strength, dual exterior polycarbonate shells, interior air flow channels for added ventilation, built-in sunglass storage on the shell exterior and internal anti-microbial comfort padding.