BBQ by bike


Just when we think we’ve seen it all, the universe surprises us. The European-invented Knister Grill is an extendable barbequeue designed to be transported via the handlebars of your bike. It’s a bike BBQ! (Or BBBQ – you can have that one for free.)

The idea for this moveable feast comes from a group of friends who love cycling and socialising. Here’s how it works: the grill is fixed to your handlebars using an attachment and even has handles that convert into legs once you start cooking. Similar in appearance to a basket when being transported, Knister can also store your food, is dishwasher proof and made in Germany. And there’s no need to fear toting a hot, messy grill back home, either –  it’s designed to cool rapidly and the BBQ grills slide over each other to form a seal.

Images: Knister