Bago Studio


If you came to the Treadlie Bike Hub earlier this year you may already know about Bago Studio. 

Bago Studio came about when cycle commuter Kellie Mobbs was unable to find inspiring, fashionable cycle clothing which she could wear both on and off the bike, “I love cycling but I am not interested in lycra outfits”.

As a daily cyclist and also designer Kellie noticed the choice for female cycle attire was limited and decided to create a label dedicated to stylish yet functional everyday cycle fashion. Hence, Bago Studio was born.


Bago Studio aims to create beautiful fashion with a sense of edge and class. Says Kelly, “I’m interested in timeless, classic pieces.” All garments are limited editions with unique art prints and exquisite design lines, created with high quality craftsmanship utilising speciality performance fabrics.

The Studio is run as a designer made business, with all prints and garments designed and made locally in Brisbane, tailored and sewn by Kellie herself. Bago Studio is a sustainable and ethical label.

You can check out more about the studio online at