Back to the future


Lugs have made a big comeback in the past few years. More than that, the rapid development of accessible 3D printing has seen them take the leap into the future. Issue 12 of Treadlie Magazine touched on this development, taking a look at Ralf Holleis’s 3D printed lugs.

Flying Machine of Perth have taken this to the next level, making custom bicycles produced with 3D printed lugs available for customers. The quick turn around and accessibility of 3D printing means that Flying Machine can offer customers a bicycle built to their measurements, the geometry tailored to fit.



The 3DP-F1 from Flying Machine is produced from titanium tubing and lugs. The first prototype was built for Flying Machine owner Matt after months of research and he reports that the bicycle fits like a glove and rides even better than he had expected being ‘light, stiff, fast and extremely comfortable’.FreedomMachine_4

3D printing, or additive manufacturing as it is known,is extremely accurate, low waste and low invested energy. This gives it great ‘green’ potential in an industry where while the end product may be ‘green’ in use, can be quite carbon intensive in manufacture.


Flying Machine aim to produce a fully tailored geometry custom frame within ten days from order and the complete bike in around three weeks. Give them a call to find out how you can start the process!