Back Pedal: Issue 22

Margaret and Alfred have spent their afternoon sailing through the lush meadows of county Kent on their RSW16 (hers) and Raleigh Compact (his). It’s their first date, and Alfred has swept Margaret off her feet by supplying a picnic of ham sandwiches with the crusts removed and his mother’s homemade lemon cordial.

These nifty bikes are all the rage in London; the Compact folds neatly for transportation and the RSW16’s frame is based on a large diameter sloping downtube with a combined swan neck stem and handlebar assembly. Plus, its wooden shopping bag is just perfect for toting picnic supplies on romantic weekend jaunts like this. Couples like Margaret and Alfred are sure to be the envy of their friends with their robust, active lifestyle. Margaret is so taken by the modern, chivalrous Alfred that as the car approaches London she can’t help but ask: “So, can we go cycling again next weekend?”

Words Georgia Thomas

This article originally appeared in issue 22 of Treadlie Magazine.