Adeline Adeline, New YorkThink New York bike shop and you may be thinking of the sort of place messengers hang out or somewhere a ‘Fred’ might go for the latest in carbon fibre. Adeline Adeline is the antithesis to that, a bicycle boutique for people who want to rediscover the style, fun and romance of cycling. You don’t need to know how a bike works or be able to describe what you want in technical terms to shop for a bike here. The shop is a friendly, welcoming environment that focuses on the beautifully designed city bikes and accessories made famous on the streets of Copenhagen, Amsterdam and now, New York.

Adeline Adeline, New York

Founded by Julie Hirschfeld, a designer, Adeline Adeline was inspired by seeing her sister riding around the city on a vintage Schwinn. It was the design of these classic bikes that attracted her, combined with the comfortable upright ride. She realized there was an opportunity for a new type of bike store that focuses on comfortable, relaxed riding for pleasure with an emphasis on the beautiful European city bikes that women ride in Copenhagen and other bike-centric cities.
Adeline Adeline, New York

Besides bicycles Adeline Adeline also stocks all the accessories that go along with the ride. You can visit them in Tribeca or of course online.

Adeline Adeline is at 147 Reade Street, New York, NY 10013

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