A solar powered e-bike charger

In recent times, solar technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. Now, the sun’s energy can be harnessed to power your e-bike.

This folding panel pack charges 36-volt e-bike batteries. It includes a regular USB charge port so it can even charge you’re phone while you’re at it. In full sun, the panel outputs 1-amp at 42-volts in full sun. It can take up to 11 hours to charge an 11Ah battery.

Folded up, the panel pack weighs just under three kilograms and fits in most pannier bags for easy transportation. When laid flat for charging, it measures around 65 centimetres by 95 centimetres.

The solar charger is available via Dyson Bikes. To ensure that the charger comes with the right plug for your e-bike, let them know your bike details when ordering.

For more information and to order the folding panel e-bike charger, head to dysonbikes.com.au